Fun Craft Ideas For Children

Craft making with your children can be a lot of fun. Children of all ages can take advantage of a craft idea. Here are a few great ideas of crafts you can do with your children.

soap makingToddlers – Toddlers love to be involved in anything their mom and dad do. Getting them involved with coloring can be a good way to introduce them to how to properly use scissors and crayons. Try doing color activities with them, or have them help you make finger puppets out of paper.

The main thing to remember with toddlers is that whatever craft you choose to do with them, whether that is doing hand print tree art or making a cute Halloween craft, may be a bit messy. Take proper precautions ahead of time to avoid having anything ruined during finger painting or coloring. Also, supervise all crafts closely, especially when scissors are involved.

Preschool – Good craft choices with preschoolers can be educational. Have a theme and think of crafts that go with that theme. If you are learning about apples, for example, do a craft that involves apples. Do apple prints, paint apple trees, or draw pictures of apples together. You can do this with any subject your child seems interested in, even if that subject is Elmo.

Good craft choices are having a preschooler help you make a birthday card, toothpick Christmas trees, or any project where they can take stickers and put them on something. Kids will love making their own edible necklaces made out of macaroni or cheerios. Anything that involves cute, little handprint artwork is always a winning choice.

School Age Children – Children that are old enough to school have a little more options when it comes to crafts. They aren’t as much of a safety risk, and aren’t nearly as messy. Again, just like with preschoolers, find subjects that your child is interested in and cater your crafts around that. You can try to stay educational, but doing a random fun craft can also be a nice break from what they have to do at school.

Kid soap making is a wonderful choice for children. Soap making is the ultimate activity for kids, and it is an inexpensive craft that they can do with their mom, teacher, or grandparent. Soap making recipes can be found online, as are ingredients for the homemade soap. Children especially enjoy being able to pick out what color their soap will be, and have fun picking out the soap molds.

Older Children – You may think that older children might not want to be involved in a craft with the family, and you may be partly right, but there are crafts that are age appropriate for this age group. Good ideas are teaching them how to personalize their journal cover, make a new pillowcase, or create decorative hair ties. Unique decorations for their room, or making homemade picture frames to put pictures of their friends in, can also be good craft choices.

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